Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To all the parents and teachers…

who chose to “shield” your children from President Obama’s speech today, you people that reacted to it, labeling it as “socialistic indoctrination” – even before hearing/reading it – you are idiots. Bonafide, 100% USDA, home-grown idiots. I feel sorry for your children for having parents like you. Your closed-mindedness, repressed racism, ignorance, and insecurity as a parent and/or educator are appalling.

If you or someone you know are one of these parents, I am not apologizing. I don’t care any longer about offending or pissing people off, because it’s utterly clear that some people are utterly incapable of intelligent political discourse. I am not pulling any punches any longer. It is absolutely absurd that our country is in such a state where people are afraid to let their kids listen to a speech from the president. A speech emphasizing the value of education and hard work. A speech encouraging resilience and being able to overcome challenges. A speech that, it seems, too many parents are afraid to give their own children.

Say what you will about political stances, but it is never a bad thing to encourage the younger generation to work hard and value their education. That’s all the president wanted to do. The fact that the conservative media at Fixed News, as well as paranoid parents and educators (and some politicians), went berserk over this without knowing the content is a testament to how stupid some Americans are, and how they seem to desire to make their kids as stupid as they are.

And you know what? Even IF the President sprinkled in some of his so-called “socialistic agenda” into his speech, it is YOUR job as a parent to elaborate your disagreement to your kids. It is YOUR job as a parent to answer your kid’s questions about politics should they have any. The fact that some parents reacted the way they did makes it evident that they are not secure enough in their parenting skills to have an honest discussion with their kids about politics.

Personally, I think some of this has to do with racism. I think that such a reaction is a direct manifestation of some people’s racist perspectives. Would these same people react the same way if the President was white? Hmm…